Keiko.P : Japanese calligraphy artist
I’m an artist living in Israel, drawing Sumi-e (Black-ink draw). Sumi-e is a Japanese form of art using calligraphy with plain drawing and few words. In my art, I try to express Japanese style based on the Zen-Buddhism manner of thought.

 אני אומנית המתגוררת בישראל ומציירת סומי-א (ציור דיו שחור). סומי-א הינה אומנות יפנית המשלבת קליגרפיה וציור בתוספת מילים ספורות. בציורי, מנשה להבטאה סיגנון אומנות יפני המבוסס על יסודות החשיבה הזו-בודהיסטית.

1972: Born in Niigata, Japan.
1992 – 2003: studying “Tea ceremony” (Omote-senke).
1993 – 2001: studying “Ikebana” (Japanese flower arrangement).
1998: start drawing “Etegami” (drawing with calligraphy and a short message).
2001: moved to Israel
2010 – 2014: Sold “Sumi-e (Japanese calligraphy art)” at gallery hibino in Tel iv, Israel.
2015: to be in activity


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Keiko hi,
    i wold like to thank you for your blog “Hana ichirin” because of it i lernd another something newabout the Japanese art which is very interesting me especially when it has roots to the Zen Buddhism.
    I enjoied from your Etegami, you have wonderfull ability to express your inner feelings with sincerely and simplicity through picture and few words.
    i’m very intersting in Heiku poetry and Zen stories and i like to illustrete them though P.P.presentations, now i’m trying to illstrete my one Etegami – a picture with words through P.P. presentation.
    again, thank you and i hope to see moor Etegami of yours in your blog and i wish you good luck.
    Ada Gutman

    • Hi, Ada.

      I’m so glad to receive your massage, thank you so much. I’d like to keep drawing my Etegami for me and for someone like you who likes my work.
      Thank you for stop visiting ‘HANA ichirin’ and I also hope I will be able to see your illustrate with words.

  2. Keiko-san,

    What a delightful surprise to guzen ni come upon your blog. And what beautiful thoughts and etegami! Your English is excellent. I wish that I could read your Hebrew, but I only know some of the alphabet. What you are doing is truly impressive. Erai desu!

    • Thank you so much for your visiting me, Rona-san.
      I am also very impressive of your art works and I love them very much. I will keep trying to be better language skill and keep my Etegami spirits.

  3. Hi Keiko,
    I’m sad and sorry about the terrible disaster that happens now in Japan. I hope your family and friends are o.k., i wish for Japan an easy recovery and better times.
    Your sumi-e drawings are very beautiful (the E-tegami also), thanks to your blog i started to draw a year ago E -tegami and now i’m studing sumi-e at master Kazou Ishii in his school “Shiboku” in Tivon, it’s very special for me and i enjoy very much from drawing as a begginer the “4 Gentlemen”
    I wish you all the best
    Ada Gutman

    • Shalom Ada,

      Thank you for your warm wards. My family and my relatives are ok, there is still earthquake but I believe it will not something terrible. I just pray every moment for all Japanese in there and I’m sure Japan will recover and rebuilding again.
      I haven’t met Ishii-san yet, but I heard about him many times and saw his works in tikotin Miusium and Haifa University. I hope I also can draw sumi-e like his works.
      Enjoy your Sumi-e and etgami!
      Thank you so much,


  4. Dear Keiko-san,

    My heart breaks for my beloved adopted country and all its people, yet I know the Japanese spirit will not be broken. The horrific images haunt me, I cannot imagine what it must be like to be living them. I have reached almost all of my friends who have become my family, there is little I can do now except send words of comfort and hope and write the Heart Sutra. Yes, I too am certain that Japan will recover and rebuild though it will take time. The heart and soul of Japan is in its people. With sympathy and great admiration, O genki de, Rona

  5. Hello Rona,
    Thank you for your heartening words. It’s really hard for me too to see Japan from far away. But as you say Japanese spirit is strong and will be stronger with this situation, I believe that. I will flight to Japan for two weeks, my hometown Niigata, next week. I was preparing this trip from two month ago. Since it’s happened, I just want to hug with my family and friends, that’s the all my feeling right now.
    Thank you,


  6. Dear Keiko,
    Are you also teaching calligraphy and Japanese painting? If you do, where is your workshop?

    • Hi Michal, Im sorry for late reply. I’ve been thinking to teach my painting but not yet. If the time will come, I will inform on my blog. Thank you.

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